3 things to expect from McTboy’s #JollofJokes Comedy Concert 3.0


Jollof Jokes Comedy Concert 3.0 is here with us again and that only means one thing- it is time to loosen up and laugh away your anxieties and struggles.

This year’s edition is actually the third and it comes with new grooves, thrills and experiences. Here are 5 things to expect from this year’s #JollofJokes Comedy Concert.

1. More A-list Comedians are featured


It’s a comedy show everybody and we only attend to feel happy, laugh hard and warm up to eachother. Last year’s edition was cool and great but what’s a show without improvement, right? As expected, McTboy who is the organizer of the event brought a little more touch to it by inviting more A-list comedians like Josh2Funny, Elenu, Klint D’ Drunk and more.

2. More A-list musicians are featured

Last year our dear Imo artistes were featured and this year have them back shining and glittering on the promotional materials, but there’s more. More A-list artites like Faze and more have also been featured. So get ready to meet your favorite artistes at the event.

3. Meet more people, network and just have fun

It’s a comedy event, so you can expect to meet different types of people from musicians, to actors to entrepreneurs to politicians. The list is endless. You can meet new people, start new friendships or just have fun. Plus it is no longer the case when you prepare to attend an event but all sponsors are companies from other states. Have you been trying to kickstart your career but need support? This time there are more indegenous companies like car hailing service URU, SLOT OWERRI, PRICELESS STORES and our very own NAVICORP showing support whom you can meet and get it started.

The third edition of #JollofJokes is not something you want to miss. Get your tickets and prepare to attend.