Male fashion blogger is indeed a Fanny pack man and we are here for it


Ernest a male fashion blogger doesn’t hide his love for these small waist bags they call fanny pack. It’s a timeless accessory that has since found its way in this clime and isn’t going no where at least in no distant time.

Style influencers, fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike have since jumped on this trend. From runways to street style the fanny pack is having the time of its life.

However what tickles our fancy the most is the fact that Ernest doesn’t go a day without carrying this fanny pack. He is in fact now known as the fanny pack man and we are totally drooling over this.


Ernest is far from being a normal lad as his style is quite different from the norm. Going by his pictures, one would come to the realization that for Ernest normal is boring and he tends to switch his style whenever he deems fit.

Take a look at some of his pictures