In our world of haste and hurry, we tend to be fastidious in our affairs that we act and say words before thinking about them. Everyone keeps generating excuses on why they always are in haste but will spend more time than required to fix the accrued damages consequent of impatience. The proverbial “slow and steady win the race” have been modernly rendered as “slow and steady will soon be overtaken.” Though one does not negate the essence of been fast most especially in thought and action if done in the right motive and for the right reason, though it’s better to be a bit late and accurate than in haste and outrightly wrong.

    My hypotesis yet to be proven reveals that most decision drawn in haste is a result of frustration and desperation; most of which are bad decision costing more than the original price; be it in relationship, marriage, buisness and personal life.

    Do not be in haste to call that relationship off, first get facts and sort other means of resolution. You can still make that marriage work and not opting for divorce. That buisness proposal could be better scrutinize and not brushed off because it was a “nobody” who prepared it. In real sense it might be the explosion so desired in buisness.


    All it takes to make the difference is patience taking one well calculated step at a time, carefully raising a team and considering even the most minute detail proffered.

    Considering everyone as important and key to that establishment. Lets together live a life of patience with each other, bringing out the best in us and also offering the best we have; then we all will have a better world to enjoy. “Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay: falsehood by haste and uncertainty.”-anonymous