For the first time ever, BET Awards 2018 Best Int’l Act Winner will receive award live on main stage


The best International Act Winner will be receive the award live on stage during the 2018 edition of the BET Awards.

This is the first, as African artistes have not been allowed to receive their awards on the same stage with their counterparts abroad.

Speaking on the issue, Alex Okosi is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks Africa (formerly MTV Networks Africa) said “The controversy gets a little bit lost. The BET award is a global award with a lot of categories, so not all the categories get recognised on the stage. There is a UK Act category, French Act category and then the US categories.

“Those awards are recognised on stage. But I think the main important thing is to recognise the opportunity that is being created, especially the exposure and the global recognition.

“This is sort of a building block towards having our own show. But in the mean time, let us start recognising the African brands through the awards.

“Anyway, we would still continue working on this and push the agenda. But our next frontier is to try and launch a BET Africa award,” Punch reports.