3 careers I would have been great at if I pursued them


    Hey there! My name is Tim Uwakwe, I run https://www.navicorp.com.ng.

    Here are three careers I would have been great at if I pursued them.

    1. Music: I would have been so great at music if I pursued a career in it, but for many reasons that I don’t regret, I declined that offer when it came.


    2. Teaching: I would have been an excellent teacher if I went into teaching but because the Nigerian school system is not properly structured I shut that door. Like Nigerians used to say, “I cannot come and kill myself for a country that never gets anything right.”

    3. Tech: I’ve always believed that I was made for the Tech industry. That’s why I accepted to study Physics when FUTO refused to give me either of the “Information Management Technology” or “Electronics Engineering” I had applied for.

    But my experience in Physics Department was more of “the more you look, the less you see.” I was a better Physicist before I went to FUTO than when I got out. So when I stumbled into blogging in my 4th year, it was like an answer to my prayers. I had joined a writing club in school, Lyriversity, the year before. When I discovered I could have a career in blogging, I jumped into it with both legs. I later fell in love with it.

    Today, I am not only in love with blogging but the entire media industry- online, radio and TV.

    Though I cannot do music now, I still love it and have since become a music critic after reading tons of articles written by Joey Akan, Head of Music at https://www.pulse.ng

    Though I don’t see myself going back full time into Tech, I still do a little bit of it- web development and digital marketing.

    So tell me. What three careers would you have been great at if you pursued them?

    I shall await your responses in the comments section below.