3 simple ways to be happy in a Relationship.


It is a clear fact that no relationship is stress free, due to misunderstanding of some sort caused by either flirting,lies,distance and so on.

In every problem, therein lies the solution.

These are few solutions to Relationship Violence.


1) Don’t be the over protective type

Ladies especially don’t like being overly monitored.

Monitoring in it’s sense is a sign of distrust and no relationship can strive when there is zero trust.

2) Comparism

Ladies do this a lot. it is very wrong to compare your partner with someone else as it is proven by nature that no two people can be of the same character. people are different and operate at different pace, so there is absolutely no reason to compare your partner with anyone.

3) Stop being materialistic

Over demanding in a relationship can make the partner get tired might want to get someone else.

it is advisable to be dependent, especially when it comes to relationship.