3 skills that secure you employment even when all jobs are automated


    Global leaders have expressed concern over the high spate of job automation currently taking over across the world.

    A leading investment banker, Goldman Sachs recently hinted that it may consider deploying Artificial Intelligence in its investment decision-making process. This would translate to a loss of millions of jobs across the world.

    At the present, the human race is started with competing with time, as there is no better time for a worker to consider developing special skills that computer programmed applications cannot offer.

    For workers with ordinary skills are rather not safe when the proposed fourth industrial revolution begin.

    As noted by Andrew McAfee; “there’s never been a worse time to be a worker with only ‘ordinary’ skills and abilities to offer, because computers, robots, and other digital technologies are acquiring these skills and abilities at an extraordinary rate.”

    Hence, everyone must able to get new skills to help them stay relevant.

    1. Leadership Skills

    One thing a computer would not be able to provide a company and organisation of people is value-added leadership. Hence, being one would make you be sought after to lead people or process coordinated through automation.

    Since a computer won’t struggle to have the courage to say “Follow me, we need to go this way,” an individual with high-level leadership skill would always be required at any moment.

    A clear understanding of culture, emotion, history, group dynamics and also the physical environment would make anyone to be sought after by another organisation even with 100 automation process.

    2. Problem Solving Skills

    The unexpected will always as well as sometimes things will always go wrong.

    Hence, the ability to examine a problem, think through a solution and put in place is always going to be in demand.

    This task a computer cannot achieve, as it usually needs human input to address its problem. The best of the computer also struggles with unexpected problems.

    No matter what industry and the nature of activities, there will always be in need of people with a creative mind and good problem solvers.

    By focusing on activities that are not repetitive and not straightforward you will make yourself difficult to automate.

    3. Adaptability Skills

    Technology is a fast evolving different dimension to all human activities. And doing it at a very high rate.

    As the business environment changes, companies are also adapting to fit into the new ecosystem, thus learning how to use some of these technology and ways of interacting is becoming inevitable.

    Therefore, seize every opportunity to learn and explore these skills (formally or informally). It would allow you better your career progression and stability in your job industry.