3 things one of the released Dapchi girls said that suggests FG may have staged their abduction


    At about 7am on Wednesday 21st March 2018, Boko Haram terrorists stormed Dapchi with 104 girls whom they had abducted a month earlier. They were greeted with praises and chants from Dapchi residents in Yobe state.

    The PDP, an opposition political party has accused the Federal government of staging the abduction of the 110 girls but the Federal Government through its Minister of Informatin, Lai Mohammed, has denied that saying stage-managing the abduction would have taken a “conspiracy of global proportion.”

    One of the abducted girls however, has come out to relate their experiences at the hands of these terrorists. Her story vaguely conveys the idea that the Federal Government led by President Buhari may have staged their abduction and release to give credits to the government.

    Here are 3 things one of the abducted school girls said

    1.The girls were led by their teacher to the terrorists

    “That fateful day we were ready for dinner when we heard shootings; then one of our teachers was calling and directing us to go out through the gate.

    “When we ran into the insurgents at the gate, they guarded all of us in the pretence that they wanted to rescue us.

    2. The girls were lodged in a house unharmed and provided for

    “As we continued to move into the breach, they asked for those who were fasting among us then they served us drink meat and food after which we said our prayers and continued the journey.

    “We crossed several rivers and streams and into one house where we lived until when we were brought back home; but to be honest, we were treated well. They didn’t touch us as they treated us well throughout our stay in captivity.

    3. They were released unharmed except for one who is a christian

    “We didn’t know why they brought us back but they told us we are Muslims and we share the same faith and they didn’t want us to suffer.

    “Five of our colleagues died of heart attack and stress as a result of the long trip. They didn’t allow us close to them neither did they subject us to any molestation of any kind of sexual harrassment.

    “There’s one of the girls that wasn’t freed because she is a Christian, she was held back.”