3 ways a solid home can be built


A home is different from a house. A home is the family, it’s a non physical phenomena and it’s built on a structure, while on the other hand, a house is a building.

This article would be centered on how to build a home, a condusive environment where the family can thrive and live happily amongst themselves, irrespective of the financial status of the Husband/Father.

Talking about a home, it is important to know that without a solid structure by the parent, there’s no home, but a bunch of people related by blood, and living in a particular building.


Here are few ways a solid home can be built:

1) Marriage is a total commitment and total sharing with another person until death.

Marriage is not just merging of households but also of assets and ambitions. Even more daunting, it can involve a merging of debts.

So, a solid home can be built when both parent share responsibilities without depending on another.

2) Marriage requires regular servicing. Just as your car can’t be expected to keep running without a periodic service and check ups. Marriage is a living thing.

It can decay or die. Your marriage is a lifetime investment in each other that, with attention will continue to pay dividends to the end of your days.

3) Marriage is not an equal-opportunity relationship, nor can anyone embrace it as a fifty-fifty proposition. No marriage comes with a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction or your money back.