3 ways depression can be suppressed


Bad things happen to people on a daily, there is no human who hasn’t gone through difficult times, but people react to issues differently, depending on their shock absorbers.

Some can endure pain and move on with the flow, while others tend to give up and try to end their lives because of consistent pain and shame or even guilt.

But it might be difficult to end depression if there is no lasting solution yet, nevertheless, depression can be suppressed for the main till when things come back to normal.


These are few Anti – Depressant Tips:

1) Don’t post negativity on social media

While going through these difficult times, avoid reminding yourself how bad things have being so far.

Try to avoid sharing your pain on social media because some comments can lead to over reaction.

New friends will all know that you’re sad and don’t want to know you more or else they’ll get infected with your sadness.

It’s really stupid to get more attention by being negative. No one likes to give that kind of attention. Don’t hurt yourself.

2) Be with people who make you laugh

This is necessary, because laughter can surely take your mind off the worries the world brings.

Laugh often, it helps.

3) Engage in sexual activities

This may sound awkward, but it’s the truth.

Sex has a way of deflecting the mind away from unfavorable things, but it is available to maintain one partner so as to avoid contacting life threatening diseases.

A friend of mine who has issues with finances and is desperate to engage in the annual National Youth Service Corps, mainly for graduates, was disappointed by someone who he was expecting money from.he felt so angry and depressed because it wasn’t the first time he would miss the opportunity to serve* he decided to go on a sex row, and he gave the story of how it helped his state of mind at that moment.