3 ways to impress your parents


Our parents at sometime would expect us to behave differently because we have gotten to that age, it’s called the youthful age.

But if we continue to behave in a childish way,it might incur thier wrath.

These are few ways to make our parents see us differently:


(1) Respect their rules:

You’re living under their roof and eating their food and probably getting free rides.

The least you could do is get home early, do chores, etc.

(2) Get a job:

Getting a job and depending on no one can be helpful in making your parent see you in a different way.

Help out around the house. Buy groceries with your money once in a while, it won’t kill you.

(3) Be financially independent:

Don’t ask for money from them to get undies and a new shirt.

Make something of yourself.