3 ways to succeed as an individual


Everyone craves for success, but little did they know that success is something within, not in big offices or any religious center.

The best way to find and get success is when you talk to yourself, and adopt a behavior that can be learnt by other people.

These are ways to find what you seek:

1) Live a simple life, and don’t be a difficult individual

Do the simple things, laugh alot, converse with neighbors but also know when to draw the line.

Because, you never can tell who might help you in the near future, and being a free person can attract connections to you.

People who seldomly laugh or relate with people around are easily hated, and can attract little or no help.

2) Hurt people with the truth, not with lies, because when the person finally finds out the truth, tend your reputation would be truncated

Be very firm in all your doings. There might be someone watching, who might take interest in how truthful you are.

Avoid eye service just to please people.

3) Trust your woman instead of doubting her, because doubts can make her start behaving the way you think of her

This is for those in a romantic relationship. Be careful how you handle issues.

And it’s wrong to make your partner know you don’t trust him/her. Be diplomatic and adopt a crisis management skill.