4 reasons why youths should participate in politics


Youths of today are more engaged in other things like Entertainment, Sports, Fashion and the likes, in the view of leaving Politics to the older generation.

This behavior is common these days, and it has somehow shaped how the country is being administrated by those who govern us, hence constant complain of how old fashioned the government runs it’s activities.

There are few reasons why youths of today should see the essense of engaging in politics.


1) Youths are Energetic and Eloquent

2) An average Nigerian Youth is Educated

3) The Strength of a Nation is Embedded in the Youths

4) There’s a need to Climb the Political Ladder

With these few points noted, it is necessary for the average Nigerian Youth to start thinking of how engage in politics by first joining a political party, be active during party meetings and get a political post.

Then from there, the political terrain would be familiar in little or no time because our youths are the future leaders of this nation.