5 categories of people to stay away from


Like the saying goes, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, another says, friends can make or mar us. so there are few categories of people we must stay away from in order to progress in life.

1) Manipulators:

These category of people are only interested in doing things for greed sake, to benefit themselves alone and they don’t care about the outcome of any situation so long they benefit directly or indirectly.


2) Criticizers:

They always stay away from taking the blame even if at fault.

They always find a way not to take responsibility for failed actions or decisions, so being friends or in a relationship with people of this nature can’t help you grow as a person.

3) Gossipers:

These group of people can spend 365 days talking ill about anybody, so far the person isn’t in their good book.

There is definitely no way someone who grow maturely when all you do is to speak ill of people, either behind their back or to their faces.

4) Always Needy:

One of the worse category of people to make as friends or lovers.

They don’t always have, this reminds me of an old song back in primary school days* begi begi e no good oh, buy your own oh, e go beta.

Avoid people who can’t be there for you when you need them but want you to always be there for them.

No relationship or friendship should be one sided.

5) Temperamental people:

To avoid insults, public disgrace, humiliation, scars etc run away from people of this nature.