5 Facts You Should Know About Your Brain


The human brain is the largest brain of all vetebrates relative to body size. The human brain is one of the most astonishing and intricate part of the body which control the system.

As much as the functions of the brain are quite known, there are necessary facts to note which includes;

1. The brain is made up of 75% of water
To avoid any loss of brain function, the body should stay hydrated. Dehydration has negative effects on the brain and can cause changes in memory and attention.

2. Reading out loud promotes development
Children learn to read first by speaking out words loudly. Reading out loud enhances brain development because different circuits are used by the brain.

3. Exercise benefits the brain
Exercise is not only good for the body or physical fitness, but it is also good for the brain as it promotes proper blood circulation and flow.

4. Multitasking is impossible
From research, multitasking increases error rate to 50 percent and it takes one twice as long to do things. So, when you think you are multitasking, we are simply context- switching which is quickly switching back and forth through different tasks.

5. A brain freeze serves as a warning signal
A brain freeze occurs due to the consumption of something that is too cold. It occurs as a result of the blood vessels and arteries getting chilled. When a brain freeze happens, the brain is giving a warning to prevent unwanted changes due to temperature.