5 Importance Of Carrots To Your Diet


Carrots are vegetables which contain enough vitamins and minerals and are best known for its orange colour, though it can appear in red , purple, yellow.

Carrots are loaded with antioxidants which benefits the body as highlighted below:

1. Carrots are good for the eyes Basically, carrots are popularly known to benefit the eyes. Carrots contain compounds which changes to Vitamin A, keeping the eyes healthy.

2. Carrot enhances your immune system Carrot are rich in Vitamin C which build antibodies that protect and defend the immune system. Vitamin C also helps use iron to prevent infection.

3. They help the heart Carrots contain potassium which keeps the blood pressure in good condition. It also has antioxidants which benefits the heart, as well as fiber to prevent heart disease.

4. Carrot controls diabetes People having related issues to their sugar level are advised to avoid starchy vegetables. Carrots which contains fiber enables the blood sugar level to be in check.

5. Carrot helps solve constipation When having a problem using the bathroom, carrots are advised due to the level of fiber content to resolve constipation and keep excretion regular.