5 Reasons why Nigerian youths are not ready to govern the country


Our youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but if the leaders of tomorrow are not showing some qualities to look out for, then, this is something to be afraid of.

There are several questions to be asked, Firstly, how mentally equipped are the youths of today? Can they manage difficult situations effectively without creating choas or uproar?

Secondly, is the educational system up to date in terms of it’s curriculum? Shouldn’t there be a need to train the youths in the area of Science and Technology?, because this is where the world is tilting to.


These and many more are the unasked and unanswered questions that must be looked into.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why an average Nigerian Youth is not ready to govern the country:

1) Due to unemployment around, they are not really motivated to help the country.

2) Unstable economy

3) Corruption and emblezzment: This also affect the nation, and makes it look bad, and youth are also motivated by example.

4) The future is not looking bright

5) Poor education system