5 reasons why your relationship can’t lead to marriage


The joy of every relationship is for both partners to end up as Man and Wife, but some little details have to be looked into* these days, break up is on the rise, and people don’t even know why things don’t work out.

Things might not work out in a relationship, if either the guy, or the lady is not ready to settle down with that person* but there are little signs to watch out for to be sure if the person you are dating wants to get married to you.

1) They disrespect things that are important to you.


An unserious partner will definitely not take things important to you they, you don’t need to be with someone who can’t treat the things you value with respect.

2) They don’t support you.

Support is a lot more than just not saying they don’t support the things you’re doing.

Do they show up when you need someone there? Do they stay up and help you practice your presentation, and show an active interest in how things are progressing?

When you fall, are they there to catch you and offer you a hand back up? What’s the good of being with someone who doesn’t have your back?

3) They don’t introduce you to people in their lives.

Yes, it takes time to be invited home to meet the parents, but if you’re five months in and no one knows you beyond your name, he’s not serious about you.

4) They constantly say “sorry” for the same thing.

Sorry is just a word unless there’s a real effort made to not make the same mistake again.

5) It’s all about sex.

Yes, you can still have dates and cuddle, but when the only compliments are about your body and all of your time together feels like a means to an end, it’s not love, but lust.