5 signs you are just a side chick


In every relationship, there is this one partner who doesn’t give so much in terms of time and love.

It’s either one loves the other more, or a particular person is just in the relationship for the sex or gifts from the other party.

But, there are few signs to watch for in a relationship, to be sure you’re not being used.


Are you REALLY his number one?

These are things to watch out for:

1. You haven’t met his friends or his family, and it’s been a while.

This is never, ever a good sign. Typically, guys will only do this when they don’t want to commit to you in the long-term or when they’re using you as the side chick.

Either way, this shows that you’re a placeholder until someone better comes along.

2. He cancels plans all the time.

Much like with other signs on this list, this is often an indicator that you might also be a side chick.

If a guy really likes you, he’ll prioritize you. Even big shots with super-busy schedules like Jay Z still make time for Beyoncé. You know what I mean?

3. You constantly worry he’ll disappear if you stand up to his bad behavior.

More often than not, we tend to know on a subconscious level where we stand with people.

If you feel like you have to compete for his love or if you feel like he could up and leave without a second thought, you’re probably right.

4. Things he’s doing with you are done at his convenience, not yours.

This is a sign that you’re his backup plan and it’s a painful one to admit to yourself.

If your relationship is one that has him coming and going at his convenience, you’re his backup plan or even lower than that on his totem pole.

5. He hardly take you out for dates

When guys do this, it’s insanely aggravating. Like, what are we supposed to do?

Just wait around until you’re married or something? If he gets pouty or protective, tell him to kick rocks. He had the chance, he just didn’t care enough to pick up on it.