5 simple tactics a lady can adopt to get a guy’s attention


It’s easier for a guy to tell a lady how he feels about her, but the country we live in today, ladies would be seen as cheap if they walk up to a guy who attracts them.

Desperate situations calls for desperate measures, there are few ways a lady can get a guy’s attention, without necessarily telling the guy.

1. Always be around him


If you are not around, you won’t get his attention.

Don’t avoid the places where he usually spends his time. For example, if he works at a local cafe, don’t avoid that cafe, instead visit it occasionally to see him and attract him.

However, don’t visit this cafe too often, otherwise you might come
across as a ‘creeper’ and he might run away from you.

2. Give him attention

If you want to attract a guy without using your looks, you should give him

Sure, it doesn’t mean that you have to shower your crush with
compliments; a few compliments will be enough to show him you are interested in him.

If the guy walks past you, give him attention. If you are not brave enough to start a conversation, just make eye contact or give him a flirty, cute smile.

3. Be confident

If you start a conversation with the guy you like, try to stay confident when you chat.

Although everybody knows what it feels like to be a little nervous when speaking to a person you like, men gravitate towards a woman who acts like she knows what she is doing.

Your confidence can help attract the guy you like without showing your skin.

4. Be yourself

You should be yourself in every situation, especially when you are trying to attract the guy without using your looks. If you like talking about a certain celeb or about your hobby, don’t be afraid to talk about them.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, it won’t do any good. Always be yourself and you will definitely get his

5. Be friendly

If you can’t approach the guy to chat, try talking to the people around him. If he doesn’t hear you speak, you won’t attract him without your beautiful face and body.

When your crush is around, be friendly to others. He will see what a wonderful girl you are.

Moreover, he might start a conversation with you and ask you on a date.