5 study habits to improve your memory



Studying is an interactive section with the brain that many people overlook and end up not remembering a thing from what they have read. Whether you are a young or an old person, you have to work out on study habits to help the improve memory.
Here are some study habits that can help improve the memory:




1. Meditate:
Meditation is one of the study methods that can help students stay focused when studying. Not only will meditation help you concentrate when studying but it will help reduce pre-exam stress as it improves both mental and physical health.




2. Sleep enough:
A sufficient rest also plays a pivotal role in improving your memory. On average, empirical studies recommend spending 8 to 9 hours every night. You should have a routine of the exact time to sleep and the exact time to wake up.




3. Take Regular Study Breaks:
When your brain is working, you need to take regular study breaks to help your brain absorb more information but also to keep you motivated and focused when you are working. Take a short break after 45-50 minutes study as your focus and concentration will become impaired after this period, anything new after 1 hour 30 minutes does not get assimilated.




4. Exercise Regularly:
Exercising is also linked to memory improvement. This activity exposes your brain cells to the oxygen. As a result, it deters the imminent contraction of disorders such as diabetes because they can cause memory loss. Exercises are good in neuroplasticity. And exercising does not mean you have to sweat all the day. Just a mere walking or running can help.



5. Study in a Group:
Studying in a group can help you collect new insights to enhance your learning experience. When you study in isolation, you may face various challenges such as overthinking and overstressing. Moreover, the workload might be massive to memorize at once. Having a study companion, or even better, companions, can enhance your retention.