5 things never to do in a relationship


In life, there are dos and don’ts.it is always advisable to stick with the law guarding relationships.

These are few don’ts that guides every relationship.

1) Fighting about everything


On the opposite end of the spectrum, do not make everything an argument.

Think about all the problems you have with your partner with the present one and consider whether these are deal breakers for you.

2) Expecting Perfection

We are all humans. We all make mistakes. Do not hold your significant other to some unrealistically high expectations.

3) Trying to change the other person

In relationship we need to realize we are unique individuals. Often we are drawn to someone who is completely different to us and after awhile we can be tempted to try to change them to be the same with us.

Take a step back and remember why you fell in love with the person in the first place.

4) Keeping secrets from your loved one.

This is something that goes along with keeping communication open. Do nat keep secrets.

Not that you have to tell the other person every minutes details about your life, but you should nat intentionally keep something major from them.

You know it is a secret that needs to be shared, when you feel even slightly guilty you nat telling then. It will come out eventually and sooner is always better than later.

5) Forgetting to appreciate your partner.

Lastly, never forget to tell your partner Thank You , I Love You.

At the beginning of the relationship you surely noticed all of the kind things that he/she was doing for you and praised him/her accordingly. You said you loved each other all the time.

Sometimes we forget how awesome the other person is until we think about it.