5 ways to make your boss happy with you


We have different kinds of Employers.

1) The Egocentric ones
2) The Perfectionist ones
3) The Calm and Understanding ones and so on.

But irrespective of the category your boss falls into, these are the steps to always attract their love towards you.

1) Always meet your clients with a smile

This is very important, as smiles always have a way to soften people somehow.

Always wear a smiling face while at work, and slowly see how this tip work like magic.

2) Don’t be too proud to help with little chores at work

If they carry load, help them carry it.

Be caring to them and make sure you let them know you are more interested in keeping good relationship than the product you sell.

3) When representing your company, speak highly of your boss especially when your clients are around.

Speak well of your company to them because one day when /if you own your company, people under you will speak well of you.

4) Always praise your boss

Let people know that your efforts and good service is a result of the opportunity your boss gave you.

5) Dress well and dress smart. People address you the way you dress.