6 Nigerian languages that can be learnt easily



There are over 520 languages spoken in Nigeria, among these languages there are some of them that are used more in Nigeria, they include the Hausa, Urhobo, Fulfulde, Igbo, Yoruba, Ibibio, Edo, and Kanuri e.t.c


Among these languages they are some that can be learnt easily because of their popularity and common in our society.


These languages requires lot of attention to learn and understand then, you may not need a particular teacher but can learn from people around you who speaks the language.

These languages include:
More than 24 million people in Nigeria use the Igbo language for daily communication. Citizens of Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Abia, and Imo states use the Igbo language as their first language. So learning from them won’t be difficult.


2. Yoruba
The Yoruba language is now spoken by about million of people in Nigeria. The Yoruba language is a major language in Nigeria. Learning it wouldn’t be a problem.


3. Fulfulde
It is spoken by the Fulani diaspora in Northern Nigeria and cattle pastoralists across the Sahel. It’s not too complicated, with patients and a good teacher you will get along well.


4. Edo
The Edo language and its 1 million native speakers. They live mostly in Edo State and other parts of the country, learning from an Edo man won’t be a bad idea.


5. The Hausa
is the most common language in Nigeria. It is also often associated with the Islamic culture. So it can learnt easily.


6. Pidgin English
Almost every body is familiar with Pidgin English, it is a blend of English and ethnic Nigerian languages. These days, there about 30 million speakers in Nigeria and the Pidgin language is mostly spoken in the Niger Delta region. Most easy to learn.