6 things we noticed at the Miss Niger Delta Peace Cultural Pageant


    6 things we noticed from Miss Niger Delta Peace Cultural Pageant

    On Saturday, 21st July, 2018, the city of Owerri experienced beauty pageant shows in a whole new way. It was the 17th edition of Miss Naija Delta Peace Cultural Pageant.

    The anticipation was built, the stage was set and Imolites were ready to be thrilled.


    Here are 6 things we noticed:

    1. Miss Niger Delta Peace Cultural Pageant is a top event

    From the stage to the lights to the sound to the red carpet, the whole arrangement was top notch. The organisers proved they are solid and experienced in the game.

    2. The models’ outfits

    I’m not a fashion enthusiast but I know a good outfit when I see one. The models for the 17th edition of Miss Niger Delta Peace Cultural Pageant were dressed in nothing less than class.

    The models changed to about three outfits and they looked incredibly awesome in all three.

    3. The final result was a close call

    Majority rooted for Miss Ifeoma. She performed excellently on the stage giving accurate answers to all her questions but there are standards and criteria observed before a contestant is announced winner and that is cumulative feedback from the on-stage performance and cumulative scores from camping activicties.

    In as much as most believed Miss Ifeoma had a better response on-stage, cumulatively, Miss Gina had higher scores.

    Camping activities is 60% while On-Stage is 40%.

    4. And Yes there was a little drama

    Just when the top 5 models were about to know their fate, the generator set decided to show itself but the team showed up almost immediately and within a few minutes power was restored. Never expect power always, huh? That slogan shows itself almost always in Nigeria, it has become a culture but we’ll get it right someday.

    5. Desmond and the sound force, Timaya, Mercy Chinwo especially made the night memorable

    The golden voices of Desmond and the sound force band, the powerful performance of Mercy Chinwo and Timaya’s mastery and charisma with the mic made the night memorable and epic.

    They all deserve some accolades.

    6. Imolites are not that warm after all

    The hosts literally had to repeatedly shout “Owerri are you ready!” just to get the guests to follow along but they got little or no responses. The responses they got were mostly from guests who came from some of the other Niger Delta states.

    Screams and shouts, sometimes for no reason is needed for the success of events. Sadly it was found wanton through the night.

    There you have it! Did we miss anything? Tell us all about it in the comments section.