6 ways to make your marriage successful


As a man, there are attributes needed to make a home stable.

Women can sometimes be troublesome, but there are few ways to handle issues management in a home.

These are some of them:

1. If you return home late and your wife is nagging, sneak quietly to ur room and lock the door behind you.

2. Never go and be quarrelling with her in d kitchen. Remember, that’s her armoury & defense ministry.

3. If you discover she has seen some exhibits on your phone, run away from home and report yourself to the police.

4. When you discover you have sinned, don’t ask for food that day at all because asking for food is another provocation or an attempt to eat rat-poison.

6. If you can’t do without talking, buy superglue and seal ur mouth.

Walk around the kitchen to remove sharp objects like spoon, fork, knife etc.