8 ways to travel smoothly this rainy season



Raining season is on and most times we get caught in the rain along our journey. It is now very Important to strategize a way to travel comfortably with the weather, especially for the traders whose load/goods might get spoiled by water.

Here are some ideas put together to enable an individual or group of persons travel successfully without been disturbed by the rain.


1. Be sure to check the weather forecast before going on a jurney or going for your business to avoid unexpected rain inconvenience.


2. Don’t travel on bike (motorcycles) just in case the rain happens to meet you on the way it would get you wet, and your goods might be damaged by the rain.


3. For those going on a business trip or visiting the market to buy anything, you have to make a list of what you want to buy and also make provision for keeping them safe in case the rain comes up.


4. Dont wear clothes that will inconvenience you during the travel or clothes that will be affected by water just in case the rain comes up.


5. Prepare for the journey for at least 6 to 12 hours beforehand to make sure nothing is left out, you wouldn’t want to go for the journey and remember you forgot something back at home.


6. Take extra money with you, this extra money is for emergency or miscellaneous along the travel.


7. Take along something to keep you company if it’s a long journey. Like story books, magazines or newspaper.


8. Maintain a positive attitude towards everyone in the bus with you or those you meet on the way.