A day in the Fashion life of Chimamanda Adichie


News about Chimamanda Adichie has been making the rounds for good reasons. For those of us that do not know so much about her, Chimamanda is the author of the best seller book ‘ Half Of The Yellow sun’ and an avid supporter of the feminist movement.

Chimamanda was recently seen at the Women of the World International Festival in London 2018. She is one woman that steadily represents black women donning herself with her natural hair, promotes black culture and constantly wearing the brands of Nigerian women.

Known for her provocative stance on gender one which so many people know her for, not many have a knowledge of what this prolific writer loves in fashion and style.

Chimamanda runs a campaign of ‘wear Nigerian’ where she dons herself with attires made from Nigerian Brands all in the bid to support Nigerian brands.

Her style is centered around bold colours, solid texture and stops at nothing to cover up well. Her love for modesty is one that cannot be compared to