Acharaman is an artiste in the truest sense of it


    According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, an artiste is

    • 1 : a skilled adept public performer;specifically : a musical or theatrical entertainer
    • 2 : an artistic or creative person

    This basically refers to a person who’s very creative and has developed ways to present his art to others in a very attractive way.

    In music, an artiste may refer to a person who writes breathtaking lyrics, composes evergreen melodies and performs it in electrifying ways. When a musician satisfies these three factors then he is an artiste. That tells you one thing: Being an artiste is slightly different from being an artist.

    Though still a regionally known musician (popular in the SouthEast and SouthSouth of Nigeria), Acharaman is an artiste in the truest sense of it. Caught between two genres of music (Afro hip-hop and Afro pop), he delivers in the best of ways.

    Started music officially in 2001 in Owerri but moved to Lagos in 2003 in search of greener pastures in the industry, Acharaman literally lived and toiled from Cele to Festac and finally to Lagos Island. He returned to Owerri in 2006 to continue his education and in 2007 the wave of success in the music Industry began to come his way. Some may say it is one of the uncertainties of life but Acharaman attributes it to blessings bestowed on him by his grandma. She was the one who inspired him to take up the name Acharaman when she told him in Igbo Language “i wu a na egbu achara ya ana eto” which when translated into English language means “You are the grass that blossoms under harsh conditions”.


    “Before I put out a record out there I always consider my audience. Will this song soothe them? Will it tell the story I have in mind and still reach their hearts?. So I have a particular audience in mind in each song. “Mama” was specifically made for mothers and the family while “Confirm” was made for the young in mind”, Acharaman tells me.

    That is true. Listening to his 2017 personal projects “Mama” and “Confirm” you can tell they were made with the audience in mind. The lyrics of those songs were specifically selected for their audience and they achieved the purpose for which they were made.

    Acharaman during the video shoot for Confirm

    In the city of Owerri where Acharaman is based the lyrics of “Confirm” a street song, has been turned into different slangs.

    This brings to mind certain musicians like 2baba, Brymo, Asa and several others who have proven over time that they’re true artistes. These artistes put a lot of time and energy into making just one song. It doesn’t matter how many songs you have out there, what matters is how your audience remembers it. A good song always sticks to the mind regardless of when it was released and such songs come from only true artistes.

    “I have over 800 songs but I chose to drop only two in 2017. I’m certain about those 800 songs but I’m waiting to drop them at the right time and with the right platform”, Acharaman continues.



    He is a product of hard work and a true believer of the saying “Those who work hard shall reap the benefits”. In a world where everyone wants to make it big, only a few work so hard to succeed. There’s currently a trend going on among Nigerian youths to become rich or die trying. And if you’re not doing what everyone else is doing then of course you know what you are. A lower class of the clan, a feable minded weakling. And if a day is going to be a really bad day for you, you’ll be called a Jew man.

    I have had to interview several young people and almost always I hear it in them.

    This is what makes you who you are- Your ability to know what is right and choose to either do them or not. They are called values. We have lost some chunk of it in our society but whoever still has them is not difficult to identify. It is very difficult to see musicians who still treasure values but Acharaman strikes me as one who does and that surely translates to his music.

    Acharaman performing on a stage in Owerri

    You can tell a good performer when you see one. Remember, an artiste is a skilled adept performer. He takes note of the moods of his audience when performing. This is 2018, on a lighter note, it’ll be a disservice to my person if I spell out everything to you. So I can’t tell you whether Acharaman is a good performer or not but one thing I’m certain is you need to see him perform.

    An artiste is a skilled adept public performer;specifically : a musical or theatrical entertainer and/or an artistic or creative person. I’ve followed Acharaman for so long. I know a true artiste when I see one and he’s definitely an artiste in the truest sense of it.