Adaobi Ezirim: Three types of people who work



    There are three types of people who work.

    1. People who work for other people (white collar jobs)
    2. People who work for themselves (self employed)
    3. People who work for people and still work for themselves (powerful guys ?)

    Now there are some facts we need to get straight…

    1. Everyone doesn’t need to own a business to be fulfilled on earth so dear Mr self employed, stop taunting the guy who works for someone. It is annoying and not attractive
    Stop telling the banker that he is counting other people’s money, he is counting yours too
    If everyone decides to start his/her own business, no one will help you build yours when you expand.

    2. Starting a business requires passion, passion and passion again. Have I mentioned passion? Oh no I haven’t, you need passion my brethren. It is not a piece of cake, it is not filling a voucher and it is nothing close to attending a board meeting.
    Some days, the numerous challenges and setbacks will weaken every single nerve in your body. It is your passion that will keep you rolling
    Many times, the pressure comes so strong. The profit is coming in trickles, bills are there to be paid, so much on your mind. Your passion keeps you from losing it.
    At such points trust me, the business man wishes he were working. At least he will be sure of some pay at a certain time.
    We read successful businessmen stories casually, our eyes rush quickly to their current net worth, we don’t focus on their many hurdles. If only we pay attention to that, we might want to think properly before making any decision.

    3. Finally, follow your passion and at the right time. Your passion might be to own your own business. Calm down – don’t be in a hurry to resign from your job. Quite frankly, we all need some work experience. It will help you learn how to manage your own business.
    Be sure you are ready all round before you resign from your work. Don’t resign from your job only to realize that the crunchy sound a kolanut makes in the mouth when it is chewed has absolutely nothing to do with its taste.

    Igbos say “When you are in a place, where you aren’t begins to hungry you” (literally interpreted so pardon the grammar)
    The entrepreneurial world is surely deeper than what you studied in Business School.