“All this money finish for clubs, don’t be like me” – Imo based Soja Rex says


Imo business mogul, Soja Rex is expressing sadness over how unsaved money easily diminishes into thin air.

The CEO of TMT Cakes and events who posted a photo of him with exotic drinks and thousands of Dollars says that money is like children, it will grow if you grow them, but will end up in pictures if misused.

“All this money finish for clubs, joints & babes. Now i have only picture to showšŸ™„. Dont be like me, money be like pikin if u train am well, it will grow but if u cast am away u go end up with pictures of who u wia. U will always be saying ” DO YOU KNOW ME BEFORE?šŸ˜•
To #Register for #TMTcakes school call/whatsapp 08132925696
, he wrote on his Facebook page.

Imo Based Business mogul, Soja Rex

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