All you need to know about the disqualification of “Lion Heart” from the Oscars


News broke yesterday that the Oscars have disqualified Nigeria’s entry into the academy awards, “Lion Heart”, which was directed by Nigeria’s Genevieve Nnaji and featured herself and several Nigerian iconic actors.

As first reported by The Wrap, the Academy announced the disqualification of ‘Lionheart’ to voters in the category in an email on Monday, November 4, 2019.

Of course Twitter NG reacted as expected and the matter trended as it should.

However, American actress, Ava Duvernay, spoke up for”Lion Heart”, arguing that since Nigeria’s official language is English, the country and others like it should be allowed to present movies in the English language which would go on to be nominated in the”Best International Feature” category of the Oscars.

Genevieve Nnaji responded to her tweet trying to explain why her movie, even though has fractions of the Igbo language, was predominantly in English language.

It is yet unclear if the academy awards will change this decision, but a look at the qualifications process shows in clear terms that the”International Feature” category is for international films with a predominantly non-English dialogue track.