Amunike warns the Super Eagles of complacency ahead of World Cup qualifiers


The Former Barcelona Forward says the Eagles team should be wary of it’s opponent in Group C of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier. paired alongside Liberia, Central Africa Republic and Cape Verde.

“I think the last AFCON has shown that when it comes to African football, a lot of teams have improved,”.

“They now have a lot of players playing at top levels in Europe, competing every day, week in week out”. 

“It has come to a stage where you can no longer underrate any team.”

“I was privileged to play Cape Verde while I coached Tanzania and I can tell you, Cape Verde is one of the most tactical and disciplined teams I have ever seen on the continent of Africa. This is due to the pedigree of their players”.

“Most of their players have Portuguese nationality. That is, some were born and trained in Portugal, so they have this Portuguese concept of playing football. We don’t have to underrate any team in that group”.