Anambra: Light of The Nation


One would clearly see the importance of any venture irrespective of how minor it seems. Witnessing the mass exodus of most motorcyclists from Awka on Saturday alongside their belongings to “God knows where,” following the banned of motorcycle in Awka and Onitsha by the state government.

This event has left a lot counting their cost, as business have reached a halt; even road side Restaurant, motorcycle mechanics, traders and other small scale business owner who render services to the motorcyclist are faced with a sharp decline in sales, while a few other cyclist sit idle, waiting for the messianic transformation.

Could banning motorcycle from Awka and Onitsha be a welcome development? To the Government “Yes” to the people affected “No.” What is the setup on ground to engage youth whose source of livelihood is down? Noting that most families have already lost their source of income owing to the demolition of illegal structures in most part of the state.

I learnt the government have made tricycles and shuttle buses available for Anambarians, but the street would disprove that as commuters find it difficult to move from one place to another especially area with bad road.

Well, development comes with its cost, i hope time proves this right. More so, it would be very disheartening if the tricycles and shuttle buses to be provided or already made available from the government were to be imported; whereas we have tax paying vehicle manufacturing companies in Anambra State.

One good side of this coin remains that the spate of robbery using motorcycles would reduce, one won’t argue with that except you’ve not falling prey to such notorious robbers who strip you of all your belonging including the clothing you are on.

I would also add my displeasure with the government for complete stoppage of motorcycle without adequate release of tricycle and shuttle buses thereby causing difficulty in internal transportation. Hoping the idle youth don’t resolve to robbery to sustain cash flow.

Finally, to the big business moguls, in Nnewi who couple, and deal on motorcycle spare parts; I feel your pain and maybe it’s time you switched to tricycle. Business is transiting faster as the world revolves.