How art works influence the Nigerian culture


    Nigeria is a place full of creativity and values of various forms of art. The art and culture of Nigeria personify the lifelike image of Nigerian culture. Nigerian culture is demonstrated through art, dance, literature, folklore, and music, however we are focusing on the magnificent art works don in Nigerian.

    1. Large wooden masks are part of the animist faith of the Yoruba people, which pre-dates Christianity in the country. Masks are often painted, and believers wear them at funerals and other ceremonies to soothe the spirits. During the Yoruba festival of Gelede, which is celebrated by the female elders, they use large, elaborately carved masks that depict lifelike women’s faces and fighting animals.


    2. Carved wooden doors: Fortunately, the government has recognized this decline in Nigerian art. In an attempt to promote Nigerian nationalism through art, it has launched some programs, such as the All Nigeria Festival of Arts, to revitalize the Nigerian art world.
    A lot of rich Nigerians who want to return their roots, as well as Western tourists and collectors who want to get experience in African art, are willing to spend money on Nigerian art.


    3. Pottery art is a long standing tradition in Nigeria. A lot of them are large vessels with intricate carvings. Potters in Nigeria are often female, and it is common practice for the techniques to be handed down through families.