Arteta set to manage Saka’s Media Hype


For the past one month or more, the Arsenal Player have enjoyed lots of accolades from the football fraternity.

Bukayo Saka has always been in the news, from the contract extension talks, to him finally putting pen to paper, to his first EPL goal last week, and now, to Gareth Southgate showing interest in bringing the energetic player to the English National team. But Mikel Arteta has a word or two for the Arsenal Academy Graduate.

“First of all, enjoy the moment, Football has some really good moments and some difficult moments. You are doing so well, enjoy it. But then understand this changes in 24, 48 hours. You have to live [on] your toes all the time, ready to react and act, Bukayo is like this. Every training session, he doesn’t give you any sign there’s something different. There are going to be moments when he was a little bit up and down. It’s normal because it happens to every player, whether you are 18 or 38. He needs to understand that, take it naturally and we are here to support him, to try to make him better, and that’s it enjoy”.