#BBNaija: Day 24 – Kissing Festival 2.0, Housemates are set on winning their wager & Banky W. is in the house!


Did you watch Day 24 of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show?

If you didn’t we’ve got the highlights for you!


Valentines Day Kissing Festival

During the Diary Sessions, all the Housemates displayed high levels of excitements when the topic of the kissing festival was brought up by Biggie.

It seemed the Housemates enjoyed the first kissing festival so much, they thought it would be a good way to celebrate valentine’s day with another session of the festival.

The Tasks of the day had kept the Housemates fully occupied as they all seemed to chorus in one voice that they didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their chances of winning their wager, as they had wagered 100% of their weekly BBNaira allowances.

With the poetry Task concluded, the Housemates clustered back into their groups to continue discussing their Make Noise Task which is due on Thursday, until they realized Biggie had snuck in a surprise package into the Storeroom for them, some dutch courage.

With the ladies gathered outside in the Jacuzzi, the guys headed outside and before they could all jump in, ThinTallTony and Bisola kicked off the festivals by sharing the first kiss of the night.

Winding Down the mood

With the kissing festivals done, the Housemates rushed back into the House and after quick showers and a meal, the large group splintered into smaller sects.

Uriel and Gifty sat outside talking and the main topic of their discussion was HoH Ese and her shrieking laughter. It seemed HoH Ese had finally gotten under their skins and they both talked about how they plan to tell her off. Gifty felt she needed a face to face confrontation, but Uriel said she would deal with her in the Diary room. Uriel also added that Bassey had told her that HoH Ese’s laughter had gotten to him too. Seemed the Housemates had reached a quorum with regards to HoH Ese’s loud self.

TBoss spent a few minutes massaging Jon’s feet while they chatted on the couch, with Debie-Rise and new kissing buddy Bassey sitting on the other side; four people on the couch in two separate worlds.

ThinTallTony and Bisola decided to call it a night, and after rearranging some furniture they both cuddled up and fell asleep.

Housemates stay focused on the wager

Determination seemed to be the order of the day, as all Housemates gathered around and rehearsed, in preparation for tomorrow’s Task Presentation. Leading them in the song was ThinTallTony and HoH Ese, with random recommendations on the Task Presentation from the rest of the Housemates.

This weeks’ Task was to make musical instruments using items such as containers, bins, and tins and further compose three songs from different musical genres.

The rehearsal was cut short by Biggie’s voice, as he called the Housemates for cleaning duties. They were to clean the windows, much to the disappointment of some of the Housemates. It was back to rehearsal immediately after cleaning.

Costume Time

With the Housemates hard at work on their musical for Thursday Night’s Task Presentation, Biggie called Head of House, Igwe Ese, into the Diary Room to receive a new brief for the Housemates. Biggie regards performances holistically and this one is no different. The Housemates are not only to sound great, but they also have to look great. 

As Biggie’s Task said, “all great bands come up with their own look in order to stand out from the rest.” The Housemates have to bring their A-game to the table as the public will be Voting on a Poll as to who wins their Task Presentation. Biggie supplied some raw material for the Housemates to get creative on their costumes.

First and foremost, they have to win their Wager which they set at 100% as last week’s disappointment weighed heavily on the Housemates. Biggie expects nothing less than perfection and the Housemates have recently disappointed in their all-round application to their Tasks. They were informed that the viewers will be Voting on the following:

1) Best Group Performance

2) Best Group Costume

3) Best Male Performance in a Musical

4) Best Female Performance in a Musical.

Everything Sistematik

Team Bassey, Bisola, Efe and TBoss were already one step ahead of the pack this afternoon, as they suggested a name for their musical production.

The team suggested the name “Sistematik” and even went to the extent of jotting down an introduction on a clipboard.

The team started off with the name “Sistem” last night but worked on it and finally agreed on “Sistematik”. Jon, Gifty, Marvis, Debie-rise and Kemens’ team came up with the name “Resonence”. The other team, which consisted of ThinTallTony, Bally, Uriel and Ese also played around with a few names, as they continued working on their costumes.

All the Housemates seemed focused today on winning their 100% Wager this week, as they were also seen rehearsing songs and performances earlier today in preparation for tomorrow’s Task Presentation.

The other teams went about their business, painting and sewing their costumes. This carried on for the better part of the afternoon.

The theme for the musicals is “Make Money” and the teams have to perform three items, Traditional Nigerian Music, Modern Nigerian Hip Hop, as well as any musical genre they like.

Mr. Capable in the house

In keeping in line with the theme for the week, Make Noise; Biggie had another surprise guest visit the House today. His name was Banky W!

The minute he walked into the House, the Housemates flocked to greet him with shouts of joy at seeing a popular celeb face in their midst. The female Housemates took him on a quick tour of the House before they convened in the Lounge for some deep conversations.

He first had an informal meet and greet where he had the Housemates individually talk about themselves and showcase their talents before he delved into an advice session.

He used his peculiar journey in the entertainment industry to try to motivate the Housemates into being true to themselves first. He also advised them to be comfortable with their innate talents, and use that as a springboard to launch themselves into their true element.

An hour in the House seemed like five minutes for the Housemates and they all collectively let out a cry of disappointment as the buzzer sounded, signaling an end to Banky W’s visit.

Just as he got to the door to exit the House, the Housemates mobbed him demanding he leave a piece of himself behind, and he was only allowed to leave after he dropped his bracelet with Kemen and his rosary chain with TBoss.

A true gentleman and entertainer, Mr. Banky W left his mark on the Housemates and his advice and words of encouragement will surely ring in the Housemates’ minds for years to come.