The Beret trend is here to stay. See how these style bloggers are rocking it


The beret trend was no doubt the style trend of 2017. One would think that this trend would stay in 2017 but it’s gradually finding its way in 2018. It sure does mean that the beret trend is never going out of style, ultimately it’s here for good.
This classic head piece is closely associated with the French but has basically won the hearts of so many people far and wide. Apparently when you think of the French the beret takes center stage.
From celebrities to style influencers and designers, everyone seems to adorn themselves with this accessory, even style bloggers aren’t left out.
The beret is one fashion accessory every girl that is fashion inclined cannot do without. The good thing is that it works with basically any outfit thereby making it so versatile and who does not like a versatile accessory??.
Having said all this, we still cannot overrule the fact that not everyone is sold on this fashion trend. For one, they feel like this beret seems out of place in their personal style. Another reason is that some people feel that beret actually make you churchy and have you look like a chorister. If you are of this notion, you would definitely have a completely different view when you see these pictures.
This Parisian trend is definitely here to stay with its greatest comeback last year and slowly becoming a statement piece this year, we are definitely all for it.

Beret trend

Beret trend

Beret trend

Beret trend Cassiedaves[/caption]
Beret trend