Bernald Uzoma: From passion to profession


But do you know that you can turn your passion to your profession. Yes, you can do that only if you plan it well. Your passion can turn you to a billionaire. Some youths know what they are passionate for but dont know the worth of their passion.

We all have passions for different things.

You love and know how to play football but you don’t know that Lionel Messi has become one of the richest footballers ever. Passion is a strong emotional enthusiasm or desire for something.

Sometimes people misplace hobby for passion. This two words have different meaning but can lead to one thing,which is, happiness.


We all have something we are passionate for, some have passion for singing, some have passion for playing football. Some also have passion for writing. You know how to sing but you don’t know how much Wizkid got from that same music. You know how to crack jokes but you don’t know how much Bovi and the rest of them got from that silly joke.

Now follow this tips and make your passion your profession;

Discover Your Passion

The first thing you should do is to discover your passion, without you realizing your passion, you can’t know your passion. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you your passion all you need is to answer this questions by yourself. Do I love singing? Do I love playing football?, Do I love writing?, Can I play football?, Can I write an essay of 1000 words?, Do people enjoy listening my music?, Do people have their rib ache when I crack joke? This question can determine your passion and also determine if you would earn much making It a profession.

Train Your Passion

The next thing to do is to train your passion, Training your passion gives you more knowledge about your passion. It makes you a professional. If you want to be a footballer you should then train your passion by visiting the pitch regularly, not only visiting the pitch but playing football with other guys around because from them you would learn more skills on football.

If you had thought of being a writer then you should train your passion by visiting the local library, read other writers book, learn from their mistakes, improve your writing skills and be inspired from their works. You can only be better if you train better. Remember that you would be paid according to your experience. We all know that Messi earns more than Neymar because of Messi’s experience in football.

Start Work

If you have finish training then the next thing is to start work. Don’t sit down and wait for work, rather go out and search for work. If you are striving to be a musician then start by going for a street show, remove money from your mind and chase your dream, charge less and sometimes accept a free job. If you find yourself on a big show, don’t be deceived by charging them much rather do it free because they would be attracted to you and also remember to do your best because that job might uplift you.


Be patient. Rome was not built in a day. You won’t blow immediately you start. Just focus and you would be surprised on far you would go. It would be like a dream. Don’t relent when you are rejected, continue to work. if your passion refuses to work out then find another thing you are passionate for, we all have many things as passions. A Nigerian comedian Basketmouth started as a musician but got nothing from it but now he is a famous comedian. You can make it if you follow the right path.

Written by Bernald Uzoma.