Best way to shave underarm



Walk into the bathroom, lather up reach for the shaving stick. How do you then do the shaving, probably shave upwards and downwards till the whole place is canvased. According to Dr. Alicia Barba, a dermatologist in Miami, this is precisely the reason why we keep getting pesky ingrown hairs and burn.





What you should do instead: Using your opposite hand, pull your underarm skin taut and shave in an “X” pattern. This will get you the closest shave possible while reducing irritation.





The hair under your arms grows in a swirl pattern (in different directions). By shaving in an “X” pattern, you’ll catch more hairs while reducing the number of swipes you make across your skin. So when next you go to shave your pits, remember to the the ‘X’ pattern, X marks the spot.