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Thursday, August 13, 2020
Here are the big moments of the Mayweather-McGregor fight

Here are the big moments of the Mayweather-McGregor fight


It’s fight night!

One is the greatest boxer of the last 20 years. The other is the biggest name in combat sports.

It’s Mayweather-McGregor I.


The long-talked-about and much-anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is actually happening in Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena.

Below, we will track the big punches and big scenes from the fight and the circus that surrounds it. These are the moments everybody will be talking about after the fight.

It looked like a lot of the people who showed up for the fight were putting their money on McGregor as the odds on Mayweather actually went down. Most thought the odds would sway in the other direction.

At the start of the pay-per-view, just over two hours before the main event, the arena was still relatively empty.

But it wasn’t much later that the celebrities started to show up.

Meanwhile, there was a magenta carpet instead of a red carpet, thanks to T-Mobile’s sponsorship.

Even Ozzy and Sharon Osborne were in the house.

And LeBron!

Iron Mike Tyson was in the house (look closely).

McGregor showed up with a fresh a haircut.

And Mayweather walked in listening to some tunes.

McGregor got taped while still in his suit which is so McGregor.

As we got closer to the fight, the celebrity factor increased, including P. Diddy, Paul Pierce, Dr. J, and Ray Lewis.

We were about an hour late getting started thanks to the undercard and some pay-per-view issues, but eventually Demi Lovato showed up to sing the national anthem.

McGregor eventually walked out, draped in an Irish flag.

And Mayweather came out in a… ski mask?

And it was fight time!

Seeing McGregor boxing is bizarre.

The fighters were feeling each other out in the first round, but McGregor did get in an uppercut.

Multiple times in the second round, McGregor tried to grab Mayweather and hit him at the same time. This is not MMA.

In the third round, McGregor landed multiple jabs. Mayweather even smiled at one point, seemingly appreciating his opponent.

He seemed OK after the round.

In the fourth round, we saw the Mayweather smile again. He seemed to be putting on a show.

Mayweather landed a big left hand in the fifth round.

In the sixth round, both fighters landed good punches and seemed to have the other in trouble, until Mayweather smiled (again)…

And McGregor stuck out his tongue.

At the start of the eighth round, Mayweather turned his back to McGregor and got pounded on the back of the head. This has happened multiple times.

Let’s check in on the crowd. Oh hi, it’s J-Lo and A-Rod.

Then after Mayweather landed a number of significant blows in the ninth round, Mayweather finally finished McGregor who was obviously winded. Fight! Over!

The fighters showed a lot of respect for each other after the bout.


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