Blazer Q talks moving to Owerri, “Local Boys”, his incoming EP in new interview


The time is 1:30 pm and Blazer Q is in the building that MetroLife Nigeria uses to conduct it’s businesses. As he walks in, he doesn’t recognize me, but he knows he’s supposed to have an interview with the MetroLife Nigeria team. This is on the backdrop of his incoming EP (Extended Play) “Years With Anna”.

Blazer Q and Drama Queen

I introduce myself and he does the same, but as his manager, Drama Queen walks in, something interesting happens – the room is lit up with aura and excitement. That sets in the relaxed mood we needed for the interview to happen. So I take advantage of the already established mood and ask simple questions about him and his personal life.

“I came into Owerri in 2017, and fully started doing music in 2018”, he tells me.

Blazer Q, Drama Queen and me

Before Blazer Q came into Owerri, he lived in his hometown of Orlu, Imo State. Because of the need to take his music more seriously and into the next level, he decided to move to Owerri, Imo state’s capital city.

“My fan base is in the Universities. IMSU, FUTO, but now we’re working on taking over the whole city”, he says while trying to sound convincing.

A few weeks back I had heard a pulsating song titled “Jonze” by a certain Imo based artist Trillz, which he featured in alongside Ugee, and his delivery of that song got me very much interested in him. But when I ask him about his new single “Local Boys” off his incoming EP “Years With Anna”, a different kind of excitement envelopes his face.

“I’ve been doing a lot of experiments with different sounds. I was a rapper before now and now I’m singing, so I try to mix both rapping and singing, and its different from the norm, so that’s how “Local Boys” came to be”, he says.

“”Local Boys” is just local…laughs…” he continues.

He doesn’t mean that. However, he says it is not the biggest song of the EP.

“I cannot wait for everyone to hear what we have. “Local Boys” is not even the hottest song of the EP. I have worked so hard and now I finally found my sound. I can say it is spiritual…”

Blazer Q and me

“Years with Anna” according to Blazer Q is a 5-track EP with two bonuses, making it a total of 7 songs. The reason for the title lies in the body of work and will remain a surprise until it’s released. It was recorded in Owerri and will be marketed far beyond the state. With this body of work, Q joins a league of new school artists from Owerri who are working hard to create quality music with unique sounds, and who are trying to push these sounds far beyond Owerri.

“Years With Anna” cover art

For him, Lagos has the answer to his growth in the music industry and he plans to move there while keeping in contact with his roots. Though he refused to tell us when “Years With Anna” EP will drop, we got wind of his WhatsApp status announcing December 20th, 2019 as the chosen date.