Breaking News: Search Experts confirm a body during search for Sala.


Breaking News: Search Experts confirm a body during search for Sala.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has confirmed a body during the search for Emiliano Sala.

The Cardiff Striker has been missing for a while after Plane disappeared on its way from Nantes to Cardiff on January 21.


The 28-year-old said farewell to his former team-mates upon completing a £15m ($19.8m) transfer to Neil Warnock’s team but could not meet up with his new teammates due to circumstances beyond control.

Seat cushions had already been seen on a beach in France last week, the plane was found in the English Channel on Sunday.

And the AAIB confirmed the following day that a body has been spotted in early video footage.

“Early in the search, the Morven identified an object of interest on the seabed using its side-scan sonar equipment,” a statement read. “It cleared the immediate area for the Geo Ocean III to use its underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to survey the area of the seabed in which the object was located.

Based on analysis of ROV video footage, the AAIB investigators on board the vessel concluded that the object is wreckage from the missing Piper Malibu aircraft, registration N264DB.

“Tragically, in video footage from the ROV, one occupant is visible amidst the wreckage.

The AAIB is now considering the next steps, in consultation with the families of the pilot and passenger, and the police.