You can actually look fashionable when broke, I call it Slaycession


Hi sweethearts,its your girl Ada and there is good news, you can actually look fashionable when broke How was the weekend. hope you enjoyed every bit of it. Well as for me, weekend is same old. It’s becoming quite monotonous and ultimately boring for me. I’m looking forward to that weekend where I can travel to the Eiffel tower in Paris but my bank account and the Nigerian economy is saying otherwise
Talking about the Nigerian economy, one word that is used by so many in Nigeria is “recession”. You’d be surprised as to how market women use this word indiscriminately but the thing is I dont even blame them. This economy is hitting us hard and we just cannot wait till everything bounces back to normal or even get better.
Right now the price of everything seems to be skyrocketing and it looks like there’s no end in sight to this. Our eyes are heavy with tears and there is so much wailing in the land. But not to worry, there is good news… You can actually look like a million bucks even in this recession period ( I know this cannot bring food to our table) but then let’s take on the brighter side of life and lighten up our mood babies.
My mantra has actually been ” you need not make a fortune to become fashionable” and this has really helped me a lot except that I’m gradually getting addicted to thrifting that acquiring any other expensive item looks to repulsive to me. Hey, I am not saying getting few expensive items here and there isn’t good but I’m saying that having so much money is really not a prerequisite to looking good. I’m a living proof to this. Here are some few tips ( life hacks) that could actually help you slay hard in trying times

ACCESSORISE: Top on the list is accessorising… The wonder that accessories does to our clothes leaves me amazed sometimes. Accessories give life to your clothes. It makes an outfit go from boring to fun. Accessories help to give us that dainty look. It necessarily doesn’t have to be expensive. We could wear same clothes with different accessories and still look good. Most times, our clothes get worn out as a result of repetitive use but same cannot be said with accessories, our accessories can be used over and over again. With accessories, an almost dead outfit lying in your wardrobe can make its way into full action.

Notice the choker, accessories infact add more fun to your outfit.
INVEST IN BASICS, STAPLES AND TIMELESS PIECES: Staples, basics and Timeless pieces should be the foundation of which your wardrobe is built. A good jean, a basic Tee, a black dress are all wardrobe essentials and a must have for everyone. With basics and staples come versatility which ultimately leads to creating different ways of rocking these items. Jeans, blazer, t shirts can be worn with any other outfit giving you diferent options to pick from and saving a lot more for you. It’s no rocket science thing, it’s just basic styling tip. Timeless pieces are items that can last for a life time. Timeless pieces actually do not follow trends. They can be worn at any period of time. Not investing in timeless pieces is foolhardy, so wisen up

A little black dress is anything basic. You an never go wrong with that.
THRIFTING: For me two things define thrifting – finding an INTERESTING PIECE at a CHEAP PRICE. So many people are way above thrifting, good for you. At the same time so many of us find the best things in life at thrift store, better for us. There is no two ways about this , thrift stores are the best places to shop in this period. You could get unique pieces at cheap rates and save a lot of money for rainy days. Need i say more??

That jeans skirt goes for 300naira, who would have thought?
RAID YOUR BROTHER, BOYFRIEND OR FATHER’S CLOSET: It’s no news that girls are taking over the closet of guys. Boyfriend shirts, Boyfriend jeans and the likes are gradually becoming ours to steal and there’s no relenting on our part. What’s the essence of buying all these when you can actually get it from someone close to you. This even makes so much sense. The benefit of raiding their closets are enormous, you dont just get to save time, energy and money in shopping for new items. These clothes can actually make you draw closer to them in absentia.

That denim shirt doesnt belong to me, but looks to good to be true
I hope you found this useful. Please don’t forget to leave your comments down below. I’d love to hear from you. For more dose of styling tips and inspiration, you can click here