Can Long Distance Relationships lead to Marriage?


No one would hope to have difficulties in their relationship, but there are cases that can arise, where an individual can change his/her location, due to work or other reasons

On the other hand, Long distance Relationship shouldn’t affect the permanent coming together of two people in a bid to get married and live forever

Had a discussion with a follower of Metrolifeng

She asked: “I’m in a long distance relationship, but my boyfriend is talking about marriage, how can I leave my country, my job, my family and my friends to be with him* is it going to work or not?

The Response:

“If you don’t know your boyfriend really well, or have any doubts about the relationship, it’s wrong to move to a different country for him, the risk is too high!”

“If you feel that you know him really well and that he is the one for you, then the relationship may be worth the move, but if you think you will end up being unhappy without your job, family, and friends, the relationship may simply not be worth it anyway”.

“If you are going to make the move, you not only need love, but determination and resolve to make the relationship work and be worthwhile!”