Charly Boy says his mother was a witch


Veteran Nigerian singer, Charly Boy has just revealed that his mom was a witch.

He said this in an Instagram post while eulogizing her, maintaining that she must be a witch to be able to carry him in her stomach for nine months.

He also said his mother cooked him for 30 years until he became a man.


It is unclear yet if he’s speaking figuratively, but the man who is popularly called Area Father’ seems to want everyone to know.

See his post below:

My mum was a witch.

Person wey carry CharlyBoy for 11months for belle.
Person wey cook CharlyBoy for Fire for 30years till he became a man.
Person wey train, help and care for thousands of poor people wey no be mother Theresa.
Person wey spiritually empower and emboldened the brand CharlyBoy na a very good witch.