Cristiano Ronaldo displays worst behavior and could face the music for up to 12 matches.


The striker came in as a second half substitute but score for Real Madrid but was involved in an ugly encounter with referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea on the night.

Ronaldo was not convinced with the Burgos’s decision and he shoved the ref in the process which was written in the report presented to the body in charge of the game.

The talisman removed his shirt after scoring but had to earn a yellow card in the process, cause he removed his shirt in front of the fans during the Spanish Super Cup first leg against Barcelona and was carded again for diving in the box to decieve the referee.

The shove could trigger a ban of up to 12 matches under Article 96 of the Spanish federation’s rule book, which deals with “Slight violence towards referees”.

Article 96 applies to players who “grab, push or shake” a referee in a manner that is “slightly violent”, and recommends a suspension of 4-12 matches for the action.