Dear up-comer, take advantage of the Zanku while it’s still hot to advance your art


Every now and then, new trends come in to the music industry. If it’s not a new dance move, it’s a new pattern of song. Or sometimes it could just be both. These trends carry with them a lot of energy, buzz, and followership, and almost always a new star (s) is born as a result.

In Nigeria, we’ve had trends like Shoki, Azonto, Shaku Shaku, and most recently The Zanku (leg work). This is a dance move that is basically done by tapping the feet on the ground at successive intervals while dancing to a song. It is originated by Zlatan Ibile with a song he titled “Zanku (leg work)”.

Zanku became a thing in Nigeria in December 2018 succeeding “Shaku Shaku” and birthing a new star – Zlatan Ibile. And since then, there have been series of songs that became hits across the country just by following it’s beat and style. Skales, Kcee, Olamide, Davido have all joined in to create songs out of the Zanku heat.

You may wonder though, why are these super stars jumping on the Zanku trend? It’s simple! This is because it presents with it another opportunity to advance their art. No one is a king forever in the music industry. This means that once you stop creating, you may be on your way to retirement. That means that someone else who creates consistently may take your place. No one wants that, so they jump unto new trends just to remain at the top.

Zlatan Ibile

Quick question: If big artistes jump on trends to advance their art and maintain their position at the top, shouldn’t the up-comer do the same? Definitely! There is no reason not to. Jumping on trends is a win win. You can never lose by doing that. At worst, you would have announced to your growing audience that you are still there and are constantly working to improve your art. That alone is a step forward. While you’re doing this and working on all the other plans that you may have, you’re advancing your art.

While the Zanku may still be fresh, it has a few more months before it’s overthrown by another trend. Before that happens, now is the time to put in the work, to be creative, and to come up with that one great song that may be the deciding factor in your career, because that is all it takes – one great song.