Does she like you or just likes your company?


Every woman is different and her life experiences and culture will play a big role in the signals she sends.

There are no guarantees of likeness,but note, signals can conflict.

These are signs to show she might not just like your company, she might be also into you.

If she always give eye contact for a fairly long time especially smiling when she does it, it’s good sign.

Body language is very important, if she often cross her legs during conversations with you, Watch out,that is also a sign of attentiveness.

Another sign is if she smiles more often than the occasion calls for and their eyes gleam too.

Lastly, this might be funny but is not far from the truth. If she hands you her purse while doing something else.
This is a rather intimate thing. A woman who hands you her purse is taking a big risk typically.