I don’t see myself running for public office now or in the future- 2baba


Those expecting to see popular and beloved singer, 2face Idibia, soliciting for votes cap in hand, may be in for the proverbial wait for Godot.

This is because 2face has stated that he doesn’t see himself running for public office now or in the future. In a chat with Sunday Scoop, 2face said, “I don’t think I’m cut out for politics; except I get a political appointment. I am not prepared to campaign for votes and before I accept to become a political appointee, I must be well versed in the field I am expected to function.  I can’t just accept any appointment for the sake of it.”

Waxing philosophical, the father of seven kids spoke devotedly about Nigeria: “I want a situation where everybody will be interested in visiting Nigeria; that’s the Nigeria of my dreams. It is what I desire, and I’m constantly visualising it.”


On what he has been up to, the Come Make We Go singer stated, “I’m working on a lot right now. As time goes on, you will get to hear them. As for an album, I can’t say for sure when I will release another one.”